Semalt Expert Explains The Main Mistakes SEO Agencies Make

During an SEO site audit, one can witness successful SEO strategies employed as well as outdated methods. It is clear that some SEO agencies still rely on bad practices. Ross Barber, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, describes the common mistakes that SEO services providers usually make.

Using/Abusing Weak Meta Information

Meta is a cipher that provides further information on a specific web site. Although the Meta title and description can be totally dependent on one’s opinion and can be written in many different ways, a straight forward technique will always be relevant. The meta title itself should be the primary keyword of the page; if there are two major keywords, both should be included. In case, there is only a single keyword, company’s name can go along with it.

The Meta explanation should entail the main keywords with a call to action in the end. This is where you get an opportunity to reveal the uniqueness of your website, and provide a hint of what the web page talks about in order to entice appropriate visitors. Weak Meta titles do not have specific information about a product or service and their titles are similar to others in different web pages.

For a great Meta description, duplication of titles from other pages and input of the enormous amount of keywords should be evaded, instead, important information has to be omitted. A weak Meta title and poor description can discourage visitors from viewing your website.

Installing Too Many Plugins

Regardless of some hitches like bloated code, today many SMB websites are built on Word Press. Plugins are big programming codes which serve to provide additional functionality to your website. More plugins on your site indicate larger codes so that slows down the loading process, making visitors wait to load the page in Google system apprise. You can check this by conducting Google PageSpeed insight.

SEO is affected by the accumulation of plugins and codes as soon as SEO specialists rarely have coding and programming knowledge. In order to improve efficiency, understanding the matter of plugins used at your website and deactivate those that are not important.

Adding Plagiarized Content to New Pages

Some great, well-optimized websites experience awful consequences of adding plagiarized content to the new pages. Very often, it comes with the aim to use as more techniques as possible. Some SEO firms very often inundate your website with too much information. Running a Copyscape of these pages reveals that the information is more similar to the other website, which surprisingly works with the same SEO services provider as you do. So it is highly recommended to rewrite your content if you discover that it resembles the information from other web pages and sites. Then, investigate the reason why the SEO firm you hired placed the content on your site.

Since it is very important for a business to cooperate with reliable SEO firm to ensure effective work practice, you can start learning about SEO providers from hiring them for SEO audit or primary analysis of your webpage. Comparing several reports with your real business performance, you will have the basis for consideration of an SEO firm professionalism.